Recursive & XML Parsing

XML Recursive

Story Telling

Example of the Content
A snippet of the XML Document

Working on XML

Always find the pattern before you code something — Joshuanatan

Just a little thought, you can skip until further notice

You can continue here

  1. Every text that I want to retrieve is inside the “decision” tag.
  2. Every “decision” tag, is always the child or under the “objective” tag.
  3. ….. (to be continued)
A Snapshot to Make the Thinking Result Clearer
Example of Depth Differences

Working with Recursive Programming (Basic of Recursive)

The process in which a function calls itself directly or indirectly is called recursion and the corresponding function is called as recursive function —

Visual Explanation of Recursive by
A Simple Snippet of Recursive

The Final Solution

Snippet 1 (Preparing)
Snippet 2 (Tests)
Snippet 3 (Recursive)
Snippet 4 (Main Flow)
Snippet 4 (Main Flow Contd)
control-enhancements Tag
Snippet 5 (Main Flow Contd)




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